Events, Meetings, Trips 

The Queens County Bird Club Inc. is a tax exempt, charitable organization. We rely upon club dues for our activities and for our speakers. Guests are always welcome at meetings and on our trips and we hope that you will also join. 


        Presentations by featured speakers {except July & Aug}         7:30 pm


          Half-day                                                           All Day                                                     Overnight
Starts between 7 & 8 am                            Starts between 7 & 8 am                        Info will be below in an itinerary
Usually goes until lunch time +/-                 Lunch +/- brown bag- but ASK
May go longer if the birding is good...         Trip usually ends with dinner out.

Contact the leaders to find out where, when, and other details like carpooling and any last minute changes.

Trip Etiquette

Non members are welcome on our trips and we would appreciate a nominal $5 (or more!)  voluntary donation for non-member participation. We prefer if you offer instead of being asked.

All persons (member or not) are required to offer contribution if they get a ride with another.

All persons are requested to Notify the leader at least 2 days in advance if they want to go on a trip.

Be on time. We depart promptly.

ABA Birding Ethics                        QCBC Birding Ethics


If you would like automatic email reminders of upcoming trips and meetings,
follow the directions at the bottom of this page. ===>

Queens County Bird Club Events

1.    Click on the bottom right corner of the calendar where it says + Google Calendar    ^^^ right up there!
2.    You will be asked to log into your Google account, or create one
3.    If you have a google account skip to item 6 below
4.    Set up an account - You can either
       a.    Get a -new- gmail email address 
       b.    Click: “I prefer to use my current email address
5.    You will be prompted to set up a password etc.
6.    Confirm that you want to add this calendar, then you will be on the calendar page
7.    Find Queens County Bird Club calendar on the left side. Hover your mouse over it; a ▼ will appear at right.
8.    Click on the little triangle, then select: “edit notifications” in the pop-up
9.    We recommend 1 week in advance for both meetings and field trips.  You can add more notifications such as 1 day and or 1 hour in advance if you want.

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