The meeting was called to order by Arie Gilbert at 8:15 p.m.  The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted by a motion made and seconded. 

Arie presented a letter from the Highland Park/Ridgewood Reservoir Alliance, which requested that interested persons write to the DEC in support of declaring the Ridgewood Reservoir basins as wetlands area.  Copies of the letter were circulated .
On old business: Lou Widerka continued to update us on Ridgewood Reservoir.  The contractors for Phase I, who are fixing the fence around the perimeter, are the ones who want to cut down the trees.  Community groups have made other suggestions and no one was listening.  Lou is in contact with Dave Quintana, active in the Democratic party and was trying to get in touch with Comptroller Liu, who has the final say. On the opposite side are Mayor Bloomberg and Parks Commissioner Benepe.  Lou suggests that in addition to sending the letter to the two DEC people, we should also send letters to our local politicians.
About Oakland Lake:  Ian Resnick reported that more equipment has been brought in, but he did not see any progress being made. 

Arie noted that Jean Loscalzo was working on a breeding bird survey and will present a report
as soon as it is completed. 

About the website, Arie stated that in order to post, an account is needed for which either Karlo or Chuck should be contacted.  When the account is established, an invitation to accept will be sent by email and once accepted, there will be steps to post a report. 

New business: George Dadone noted there was purple loosetrife growing outside in the garden.

Arie next called for election of officers.  A vote was taken for the entire slate and the current officers were re-elected.

On Sunday, 6/27 a new trip was scheduled to Sharon Springs, NY and Arie gave directions and the meeting time for this trip.  He then reviewed the results of the Doodletown, Bashakill, Sterling Forest and Ward Pound Ridge trips.  Linda and Bernie noted the highlights of the Oceanside mini-trip.   

Stu Lipkin took field notes.  Ian reported that Big Day yielded 115 species.

Member John Collins' photos of his visit to Bhutan was the evening's feature.  We oohhed and ahhed over the many different and stunning birds, as well as beautiful photos of the architecture, the people and scenery, including Mt. Everest, of this peaceful country.  John really enjoyed his trip and we did so vicariously.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 p.m.