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Minutes of November 17, 2010

posted Nov 23, 2010, 8:57 AM by Arie Gilbert
Bernie read  minutes of last month. All accepted.

Old Business-
Ridgewood Reservoir planning is stalled. DEC will hopefully deem it a freshwater wetland.
Oakland Lake has been beautified on the east side (46th Ave.). Some native species have been planted. Little has been done to the interior of the park though 56th St. side looks cleaned up.
Cunningham Park walks should be started up again in the near future.
Website is running and up to date field notes will be posted by Stu: from most recent sightings listed on top to the older entries below.

New Business-
Bernie agreed to be newsletter editor. The number of annual publications to be discussed.
Save Plum Island Coalition mentioned to Arie that there may be spaces available on future visits to the Island.
Ed Lam book on sale. He will be speaking to the club at an upcoming meeting.

Trip Reports-
Ian lead South Shore potpourri. 44 species with Black-throated-green Warbler highlight.
Eric said the trip to Floyd Bennett Field yielded eastern bluebirds
Xmas bird count on December 19 is lacking a few counters

Field notes taken by Stu

A memorial for Alexi Kondratiev will be held on December 13. Long time member of the QCBC, and consistant participant in the Xmas bird count, he died of a heart attack at the age of 61.

Minutes taken by Mary Normandia