The meeting was called to order by President Arie Gilbert with an unexplainable extremely small group of members in attendance.

Previous minutes were read. By Lou Widerka.

Old Business discussed was the new website, and the elimination of the blog because it wasn't being used. The new site is easier to look at, has a calendar, trip schedule, trip reports and field notes. The club is open to any other suggestions to incorporate into the site.

New Business discussed was a report about Don Riepe's complaints that Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge management is not maintaining the habitat properly. It is being treated as a park and not a refuge. A sub organization of the Littoral Society has been formed called Friends of Jamaica Bay, and will be run by Don Riepe. Secretary ofInterior Salazar visited the refuge, and it's felt he is viewing it as a park. Therefore they are concerning themselves with things such as cleaning up grass between cracks in sidewalks, maintenance of the parking lot. and neglecting wildlife concerns. The membership fee is $25 and QCBC will join. The Brooklyn Bird Club and other Audubon Societies are joining, and you can also join as an individual member. Check our website and download a membership application. The Brooklyn Bird Club will be having a meeting to discuss three important areas of concern- Ridgewood Reservoir, Jamaica Bay, and Floyd Bennet Field.

Other new business was Plum Island, Connecticut, 10 miles past Orient Point. They have been doing experiments on animals there. Now a decision has to be made about the fate of the island. There is an effort to preserve it, but it is largely underfunded. Look for the link on our website for an online petition to help preserve the island.

Ed Lam's book Damsel Flies of the Northeast, is on sale for $14, which is a 30% savings. It can be bought at this price until the end of 2010 and can be ordered at

Upcoming trips to be held are: Jacob Riis Park/Fort Tilden 9/19; North Fork 9/25/2010Rick &
Linda Kedengerg leaders; Jamaica Bay-l0/2/2010 8:00 a.m. leader Ian Resnick Kissena Park 10/l0/2010,8:00 a.m. leader Eric Miller; Quaker Ridge Hawk Watch 10/17/2010 8:00 a,m leader
Lou Widerka You can arrive later, people will be there on the lawn all day.. Bring your own

Field notes were skipped as too few people were in attendance, but those of us who were there were treated to a wonderful slide presentation by Arie Gilbert showing photos taken on QCBC trips to the Adirondacks, Mianus River Gorge, and Sterling Forest. Aside from birds, we saw first rate closeups of butterflies, beetles, flowers, snakes, frogs, turtles, dragonflies, caterpillars, porcupine, moths, and that outstanding spider web photo.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 P.M. Respectfully submitted - Anita King