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BIG DAY IS COMING! Join us May 14th!!

posted May 9, 2011, 11:12 AM by Arie Gilbert   [ updated May 17, 2011, 9:03 AM ]
Every year at about the peak of spring migration, birders across the nation participate in a “Big Day”. Queens county birders are invited to join with the Queens County Bird Club Inc. this May 14th as we cover various locations in arguably the best New York City borough to go birding in!

The Queens County Bird Club Inc. has been performing a Big Day going back many many years. The information gathered is important “Citizen Science”: You'll join with other conservation minded people in collecting records needed to monitor and protect birds. The goal of a “big day” is to record as many species as possible within a 24 hr period.

In practical terms the event takes place roughly from dawn to dusk - give or take, and differs from a winter CBC because we don’t tally numbers of individuals, just species. Another difference is we are not constrained by count circle boundaries, but by the boundaries of the county.

Join us! Contact our Big Day coordinator and pledge your participation. We have a lot of areas to cover, and areas that need extra volunteers. Leader Ian Resnick 917-626-9562 avian@nyc.rr.com

Photo courtesy of and copyright of Lloyd Spitalnik.
Swainson's Warbler, Forest Park,  QUEENS NY
April 13, 2005