2016 CBC Results

We had the Queens County Christmas Bird Count yesterday 12-18-16 and tallied 118 species plus 4 count week birds. (And count week continues until Wednesday.) We also had a Northern Bobwhite but it was undoubtedly a release so we won't count it towards our total though it will be submitted with the report to Audubon.

New for the count on count day is Western Tanager. We apparently had a count week bird back in 1967.

Other highlights were Cackling Goose at Hendrickson Park, Red-headed Woodpecker at both Hendrickson Park and Kissena Park, Bald Eagle at Kissena Park, Marsh Wren (2) in Douglaston, and Eurasian Wigeon at JFK (not publicly accessible). The Pink-footed Goose at Hendrickson Park was found for count week on Thursday but has apparently sought less frozen areas, as it did not appear on count day despite serious effort including a dusk vigil.

Notable saves were single American Woodcock, Wilson's Snipe, Orange-crowned Warbler, White-winged Scoter, American Pipit, Chipping Sparrow, Baltimore Oriole, House Wren, and Merlin.

New high counts were established for a surprising number and variety of species:
Mallard with 2,670
Hooded Merganser with 259
Great Blue Heron with 66
Sharp-shinned Hawk with 12
Cooper's Hawk with 18
Red-tailed Hawk with 50
Peregrine Falcon with 9
Red-bellied Woodpecker with 92 (smashing our old mark of 65)
Hairy Woodpecker with 18 (beating the old mark by 1)
Winter Wren with 9 (actually tied our best)
Common Grackle with 3625
American Goldfinch with 260

We had some birds in low numbers as well.
Greater Scaup only totaled 85, which is very low for the count that has the all-time high CBC count for this species. There were an additional 236 scaup sp. that were likely GRSC.
We totaled 9 scoters identified to species, fortunately distributed among all three species. An additional 5 scoter were not identified to species.

What really hurt us in terms of species totals was only having a Barn Owl and missing all other owls and only having the common three gulls plus Bonaparte's.

It was a great count and I would like to thank all of the participants who continue to make this count a joy to compile.

Good Birding,
Corey Finger