2017 CBC Results

The Queens County Christmas Bird County was held on Sunday 12/17/17. Forty-six participants found 43,235 individuals of 123 species, one off our all time high of 124, which has been done twice. (Our report to Audubon will have 124 species but we're not counting introduced bobwhites as a "good" bird.)

Thanks to all that participated and made this count one of our best yet, especially to Nancy Tognan who helped deal with technical difficulties at the count dinner, and to the sector leaders who marshaled their forces admirably and came up with some great birds!

Highlights included:

Hooded Warbler, first ever on the count, an adult male at the wastewater treatment plant in Atlantic Beach
Western Tanager, 3rd occurrence (and 2nd year in a row!), long-staying bird at Crocheron Park
Yellow-breasted Chat, 3rd occurrence, long-staying bird at Crocheron Park
Blue-winged Teal, 7th occurrence on the count, at Jamaica Bay
American Bittern, 2, at Edgemere and Jamaica Bay
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, 3rd occurrence on the count, in the far southeastern Rockaways
Bald Eagle, 2, 7th occurrence, though almost all have been in last ten years
Razorbill, 1, 6th occurrence, Atlantic Beach
Lesser Black-backed Gull, 6th occurrence, Edgemere
Eastern Screech-Owl, 5th occurrence
Eastern Phoebe, Greentree, 11th occurrence
Indigo Bunting, Greentree, 2nd occurrence
Vesper Sparrow, dunes at Atlantic Beach, tough in recent decades

High Counts were set for quite a few species, a function of more eyes looking and of a very smooth ocean with virtually no wind all day, which helped in seeing and identifying even distant birds on the water:
Redhead, 62, all but 2 at Baisley Pond Park
Ring-necked Duck, 49, all at Baisley Pond Park
Long-tailed Duck, 227
Red-throated Loon, 192 (previous high was 46)
Great Blue Heron, 66 (tied our high)
Cooper's Hawk, 20
Great Horned Owl, 6 (doubled our high count)
Snowy Owl, 5 (tied our high set 4 years ago)
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, 19
Hairy Woodpecker, 20
Blue Jay, 445
Fish Crow, 110, (more than doubled high count)
Common Raven, 4 (7th occurrence)
American Robin, 759
Chipping Sparrow, 9
Northern Cardinal, 254
Common Grackle, 4626

Great Saves Included:

Cedar Waxwing, 3 by the Douglaston crew
Common Merganser, 5, also by Douglaston
Winter Wren, 4, by the Valley Stream squad
Great Cormorant, 1, by the Rockaways set
Ring-necked Pheasant, also by the Rockaways

Misses Included:

Common Eider
Bonaparte's Gull
Red-breasted Nuthatch
Snow Bunting
Pine Warbler
all owls except for Great Horned, Screech, and Snowy
all winter finches
White-eyed Vireo, seen up to the day before at Charles Memorial Park, count week bird
Lesser Yellowlegs, seen repeatedly up until late last week, count week bird
Snowy Egret, seen Saturday in southeastern Rockaways, count week bird
Wilson's Warbler seen regularly up until late last week at Crocheron Park, count week bird

There is still not a definitive identification on the Orange-crowned Warbler / Macgillvary's Warbler that was seen at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. It seems expert opinion is now slanting heavily towards possibly the brightest Orange-crowned Warbler ever and the bird was not found today. For counting purposes, it's one species either way because we somehow missed all the Orange-crowneds that had been around. If it's a Macgillvary's it would be new to the count and we'd have Orange-crowned as a count week bird.

Good (Christmas Bird Count) Birding,
Corey Finger

Arie Gilbert,
Dec 20, 2017, 10:44 AM